Ghostly Blueberry and Buttermilk Cake

This turned out a bit strangely… I think it was probably because I didn’t have enough plain flour so used 1.5 cups plain flour and half a cup of self raising.  The cake looked perfect after 50 minutes (recipe stated about 55), so I took it out and turned it out of the loaf tin.  Some runny mixture dribbled out of the crack in the top. Disaster!  I bunged it back in the oven for 10 minutes with foil over the top and hoped for the best…


I used this recipe from the Beeroness and blame my oven, and the flour, for it not turning out as nice as it looks in her picture…  I just adore her blog, so many delicious looking things to try.  Sooooo inspirational.  Here’s her lovely photo of her version…


Pauline, the birthday girl at work, loved her cake and there were lots of compliments for it.  Vero said: “you can taste the beer, in a good way!”, Obi loved it and said that it would be great with some custard, I agreed.


The cake was lovely, and my blueberries didn’t all sink to the bottom which pleased me…  The main alteration I made to the Beeroness’s recipe was to rinse the blueberries and then mix them in with the flour.  I’m sure I’ve done this before with fruit in a recipe – I think that doing this somehow makes them more “sticky” so that they don’t all sink straight to the bottom with their dry shiny skins offering them easy slippage down, down, down…

I have a feeling that Geist Weiss is about to become a collector’s item so I’m glad I swiped a few bottles from the brewery tap room on Friday night.  It’s my favourite beer for CAKES.

Image result for hammerton geist weiss

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